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Move Better with Feldenkrais - Sunday Online Class with Barbel star
Moving Experience - Feldenkrais & Tango
STAYFIT Class Feldenkrais Over 60s Under 18 Workshop
20 September 2020, 11 AM - 20 September 2020, 12:30 PMActivities   
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SPECIAL Introduction Offer
Book the 6-week-course now and you will have the chance to join me twice a week (Thursday & Sunday) and immerse yourself deeper into the same lesson for the same price.

Thursday evenings, 7.30 – 9 pm GMT
Sunday mornings, 11 am – 12.30 pm GMT

Book now, send a message to info@movingexperience.eu, pay me (I’ll send you the payment details) and you’ll receive the link(s) to join us every week Thursdays & Sundays.

An Awareness Through Movement class is about 1 hour long. No former Feldenkrais experience needed. No partner needed. Bring your curiosity when we will investigate what YOU can do to make your body work smoother than before. These ATM classes are non-strenuous and suitable for all ages.

Please book in advance as you will need the link to the meeting.

Regular Feldenkrais classes

  • ‘Move Better with Feldenkrais’
    Thursday evenings / 7.30 – 9.00 pm @ at home = online
    6-week-course starting  2020
  • ‘Move Better with Feldenkrais’
    Sunday mornings / 11 am – 12.30 pm @ at home = online
    6-week-course starting 22nd March 2020

Join us for one or all of these classes. For the highest benefit I recommend taking the full course. If you prefer a more flexible approach the ATM classes are available as drop-in classes too.

Create Your Best Learning Environment

What to wear: Chose comfortable warm clothes which allow you to move freely. Layers are good. In many Feldenkrais classes you will do slow and small movements. Even in a warm room you might get a bit cold. 

Room Temperature: Make sure you have a warm room. Especially check the temperature near the floor. Close doors to avoid drafts. 

Space: Give yourself some space around yourself. Today’s lesson won’t take up additional space but some other lessons need more space to stretch out your arms in all directions and to even roll right and left. But most of you dance tango so I assume you might have already a mini dance floor at home. 

Props: Use a yoga mat or a blanket to make the floor comfortable. Towels or books are helpful to support the head. Soft pillows do NOT work as they inhibit the free movement. Have some water handy and don’t forget to bring your curiosity. 

Bookings and questions

Age Type
Move Better with Feldenkrais ONLINE

Moving Experience is offering Feldenkrais Group Classes so called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes online!

Move Better with Feldenkrais – Group classes
6-week-course: 6x £10 = £60
drop in class = £15
Promoter  Moving Experience - Feldenkrais & Tango
Contact details
Tel: 07474 612701
Email: info@movingexperience.eu
Web: http://www.movingexperience.eu/
Virtual Environment
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