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Deep Salsa for Intermediates : Intensive workshop at Bar Salsa, Charing Cross star
Streetbeat Salsa Co.
DANCE LATIN SALSA Drop in Workshop
11 November 2018, 11:30 am - 11 November 2018, 5 pmActivities   
SPECIAL OFFER: Use the link below for a London Salsa offer code www.streetbeat.co.uk/london-salsa

Deep Salsa for Intermediates
A new Intermediate Plus Salsa Rapido course.
I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked for Intermediate levels intensive courses and so I’ve organised one.

This course is not and bunch of moves, styling or footwork. It’s for dancers who are looking to energise their salsa through looking at things in a different way. It uses models and exercises that you will probably not be familiar with. These will allow you to discover the underlying psychology and ways to change the way you dance or to recognise that no change is necessary.

Salsa Rapido® Method:
The ethos of Salsa Rapido is the same at all levels.It’s the Fast, Fun and Progressive approach to salsa. In other words I want to get you better faster, while having a heap of fun. If you think teaching should be a dry, boring, authoritarian and pedagogic experience, be warned you’ll hate this!

Are you intermediate?
My definition of an intermediate is someone who regularly dances freestyle salsa.
I’m the first to admit that’s a wide group of levels but I’m working on the basis that those who dance in clubs should know enough to lead/ follow and can operate at ‘club speed’. Improvers can handle the info but struggle to implement things as fast simply because they haven't had enough ‘real time’ dancefloor experience.
If you’re not sure call me.

11.30am -5pm at Salsa Soho, 96 Charing Cross Road,

Advanced booking only please via For £5 discount use www.streetbeat.co.uk/london-salsa 

What’s on the course:

What is an advanced dancer:
What motivates a dancer to go from Intermediate to advanced? Motivation
Getting the most from each dance. Rapport
The Buzzsaw of Tension Release

Deep salsa:
Reactive leading - turning mistakes into opportunities.
Avoiding the blame game
The follower’s game - (trust me you’ll love it) Adv Body language

The random move machine - Divergent thinking
Making the moves your own
Within his combos
Finding the state of Flow

Musical Interpretation to energise everything:
Find the beat
Making beats work for you
MI framework

0, Intermediate
Age Type
11.30 - 5pm. For a typical improver/intermediate dancer who's been working hard on the mechanics of leading and following salsa this course can open up a whole new world.
Cost £35 per person.
Promoter  Streetbeat Salsa Co.






The Streetbeat Salsa Co. was formed by Alastair Sadler in 1995 to promote the Salsa Rapido® method of teaching salsa, and salsa social events.

  • The Salsa Rapido® 1-Day Intensive Salsa classes at Beginners level on Saturdays.
  • More>>>
Contact details
Tel: 07939 012231
Email: salsa@streetbeat.co.uk
Web: http://www.streetbeat.co.uk/
Bar Salsa
96 Charing Cross Road
020 7379 3277

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