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Criola Kizomba monthly Saturday Party star
S Varela
DANCE MODERN DANCE LATIN WORLD DANCE Class Competition Freestyle Kizomba Party Urban Kiz Urban Tarraxa
23 February 2019, 1 pm - 24 February 2019, 3 amActivities   
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Ginga Boo is pleased to announce the Criola Kizomba monthly Saturday party in the UK with TWO ROOMS 2019

We were initially aiming to hold the dance event on the 1st of each month. However, due to unavailability of the venue, we will be having few dates on the second of the month and Feb on the fourth check all the dates below.

*Ginga Boo aims to recreate the festival feeling right in the heart of London by offering two large party rooms with our "Ginga Boo room" dedicated to Kizomba, and the "Bijoulili room" dedicated to Urban Kiz!!!

*Our parties offer dancers of different styles access to all the varieties of Kizomba umbrella music genres, with dedicated rooms and the best DJ’s to cater to your music choices all night long!!! There is therefore never a dull moment at our parties!!!
*We also provide different themed workshop each month to help the growth of UK dancers.

*Our Criola monthly parties simply mean one thing -
Party in Style – Party in Festival Style with day workshop!!!

Day workshop theme :  La Femme 
Teachers:Vivi (FR) Adda Dociu (UK) Junelines (NL) Sonny Varela (UK) Iolanda Rangel (PT) Tania Mendonca (PT)
*Workshop will be focus on Ladies :
Kizomba reverse Lead & follow, Urban Kiz reverse lead & follow,
Ginga for Kizomba, Ginga for Semba, Lady Styling, More than follower solos, Musicality....
Some classes will be in parallel to each other as they will be different styles, we are bringing both world in one afternoon workshop Kizomba & Urban kIz so you will be able to choose what style your prefer with the choice of the female teachers lined up for you.

Classes - 8.45pm #Kizomba / 9.35pm #UrbanKiz GBT teachers
PARTY from 10.15pm to 3am

Room 1 : Ginga Boo Room *Dj Koko- Dj Ash
#Kizomba - #Semba - #Tarraxinha - #GhettoZouk - #Afrohouse - #Zouk - #Funana
*Room 2 : Bijoulili Room *Dj Visser - Dj Joe - Dj Ash
#UrbanKiz - #GhettoZouk - #UrbanTarrax - #Douceur - #Tarraxinha

24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 2BQ

Sat 23rd February - Classy Party with touch of Yellow
*Workshop + Evening classes + Party
Early bird price now £35 for the first 15 ladies pass
Prices will gradually increase leading to the event at the door £60
Link for payment http://www.gingaboo.com/shop
*Party till 3am £15 + FREE cloackroon

*Saturday 9th March - Dress to impress with a touch of Purple
*Workshop theme - L'Urban Kiz Touch
Teachers Heneco & Adelina (FR)
Dj Koko (UK) Dj Joe (UK) - DJ Visser - Dj Keny
*Workshop + Evening classes + Party till 4am
Early bird price now £35 for the first 15 passes
Prices will gradually increase leading to the event at the door £60 Link for payment : http://www.gingaboo.com/shop

All other events go to http://www.gingaboo.com/

Our 2019 dates...
23rd Feb - Dj Ash (FR)9th March - Dj Koko (UK) 6th April - Dj David Ruela (NL)
11th May - Dj Gass Kizomba (FR)1st June - Dj Sabura (PT)
6th July - Dj Paparrazi (PT/SP)10th August - Coming soon
7th September - Coming soon 5th October - Coming soon
2nd November - Dj Nice Life (NL)14th December - Coming soon
*Taxi dancers
www.gingaboo.com / SVPromotions facebook page

Our future events :
*I love Kizomba Sensual Festival promo tour in UK 15-17th March
*Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK 26-28 July 2019 - Summer 2nd Edition

#kizombainlondon #urbankizinlondon #kizomba #urbankiz #parties #workshops #teachers #music #classes #international #artists #djs #topquality

All, Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Age Type
All, Over 60's, Over 21's, Over 18's
Criola Monthly Kizomba event | Day workshop | Evening classes | Party till late
Check the events for coming dates
Full day event workshop & Party £35 first 15 passes and then it will increase lead to the event.
Promoter  S Varela

Sonny Varela is the current UK Kizomba Champion. She took part in the 2015 Africadancar / GB Kizomba competition UK and was crowned the GB Kizomba Winners.

In the AFRICADANCAR 2015 International competition in Portugal, she came 3rd for the World Kizomba Champion.

Dancing is a passion she shares with her dance partner because it induces strong emotions and connection.

Now they are enjoying their journey sharing the More>>>

Contact details
Tel: 07814737145
Email: svpromotions1@gmail.com
Haverstock School
24 Haverstock Hill,

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