Ella Mesma Company Monday Morning Movement Ritual 45 Minute Class
Ella Mesma
Mon 6 Jul, 11 AM - Mon 6 Jul, 11:45 AM
11 am Ella Mesma Company Morning Movement Ritual 45 Minute Class

Whilst we are in a period of social distancing, we are offering classes taught by company members from their homes. As long as you have a space the size of a yoga mat, you will be able to take part. For all levels. Whilst we are establishing this class, we will be breaking down the exercises in detail, then eventually running the class on a 45 minute loop.

You can choose a free ticket, or to pay as you feel (suggested costs from 1p to £11)... this is our first class, and is limited to 100 participants so a bit of an experiment... we hope to have many more sessions and create other offers: let us know what you would love!

Ella Mesma Company morning class is an Embodied Alchemy Movement meditation. We do this class every morning and love how it sets up our body mind and soul for the day!

Our classes marry Graham and Dunham contemporary techniques with elements of yoga and Cuban Contemporary, Afro Cuban and other folkloric styles. The sequences tend to move seamlessly in and out of the floor and can often be grounded, fluid and energetic. We describe them as a movement ritual.

Ella monday

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