Brighten life with salsa  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Tue 9 Feb 2021
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Brighten life with salsa
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Like you, I am a salsa dancer, caged by this virus and it's terrible affects on our community and our friends.

Salsa will return some time to real venues with real people to dance with but in the meantime the music and movement can still work it's magic, whether to mentally relax or physically tone. 
Why not try a session or two this week?

If you are at home alone or with a partner, getting those first, basic, steps memorised and flowing is a really good start, whilst learning body movement and timing will help all levels.

The online section of has a choice of activities for you to take every day of the week.
Where the sessions are free, please consider making a donation to the host, as I'm sure you are aware of the financial crisis that some may be in.

Lating Collective online weekly lessons

Zoom online lessons in Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays from The Latin Collective.

Salsa with Sureka 6 week solo salsa course
Salsa With Sureka presents an exciting and unique 6- week Solo Salsa Course, beginning on the 17th February.

The fun and friendly Salsa course will be taught via Zoom and is suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to experienced dancers.
Socially Distanced Sunday Salsa and Bachata with Rasa
Socially Distanced Sundays with Rasa includes salsa and bachata.
Cuban Salsa with Havana People online
Every Wednesday you can take a FREE online Cuban Salsa lesson with Havana People (but think about a donation).

Westminster school of Performing ArtsThe Westminster School of Performing Arts now have a vast range of online classes, including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Drama, Singing and Gymnastics.


Fast Way into Salsa

Salsa Footwork - It's all in the feet - an online Salsa Rapido course, presented by Alastair, is an excellent way to start dancing and to remember what you've forgotten.

Incognito Online salsa course

Learning Salsa & Bachata Online has never been easier

Imagine You Could…

  • Follow a progressive curriculum that would quickly transform your dancing
  • Understand the building blocks of dance and how it all connects
  • Access the ultimate vault of quality dance knowledge whenever you need it
  • Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to dance floor confidence
  • Learn at your own pace and convenience at times that suit you
  • Know secrets, hacks, tricks & tips of the best dancers in the world

Use the discount code A2Z-ONLINE10 for 10% off advertised dance courses with Incognito

Visit for full course details.

Sunday fitness online
Every Sunday there is a 35 mins Latin Dance Fitness class to help you feel good and keep fit!

The A2Z directory of online/virtual activities is maintained by the activity hosts themselves.

If you know of any professional that is seeking to promote their healthy online activities, whether that is dance, pilates or other activities good for the body or mind, please invite them to list, FREE of charge at www.A2Z.Events.

List via A2Z.Events
As we together navigate the route out of this dreadful storm, each in different boats, I suspect kindness and positivity can only help.  

Stay safe.

Leigh and the team

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